Krista and Josh

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This is the love story of Krista and Josh, told from Josh's perspective.


Krista and I (Josh) met through mutual friends about 11 years ago, in Spokane, WA. We both felt like there was more to our friendship and something that drew us towards each other but neither of us ever dug too far into that feeling.  Krista ended up leaving and moving to Austin, TX in 2011 and we maintained a distant friendship.

 Our lives went in different directions and we were lucky to speak a couple times throughout the year to catch up on all the major stuff going on with each of us.  We reconnected in a deeper way this past fall, through my curiosity of that “something” that drew us to each other.

We talked and texted every day until we could see each other in person, which was early November 2015. The moment we set eyes on each other when I landed at the Austin airport everything just seemed so right. Like it was meant to be. From that moment, we have been inseparable and we picked up exactly where we left off in our friendship.


We used the strong foundation of our friendship to build on a newly found love and admiration for each other. We have a relationship that is stronger and more amazing than either of us could have ever imagined or hoped for. We love each other very much. It has been amazing to see what we have to offer each other’s lives and the chemistry between us. I feel incredibly grateful that we were able to get a second chance. I can’t wait to marry her, and I know she cannot wait to marry me! I look forward to calling her my wife and spend the rest of my life with her! 





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